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Our location

Transnational Blenders B.V., is located in Dordrecht, in the Netherlands. This location has proven to be very beneficial to business all-round.


Dordrecht is part of the Randstad megalopolis, boasting the highest industrial development rate in the Netherlands. TNB is easily reached by road. One of the biggest ports worldwide, Rotterdam, is a mere 20- to 30-minute drive away. The port of Antwerp can be reached in under an hour by road. This is ideal for our exporting customers.   


Being easily accessible by road is not the biggest advantage though. Access by water is our most important access of all. TNB has its own jetty and direct access to the North Sea, within 2 hours´ sailing from the Port of Rotterdam. This is ideal for managing our bunkering business and ships can deliver large volumes of base stocks directly to our plant. 

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